This is a new step in the investigation into the murder of a young man of 18 years which would be mixed the singer MHD, whose real name is Mohammed Sylla. He was indicted Thursday by a judge for “involuntary manslaughter” before being placed in custody in connection to a stabbing death last July in Paris, announced her lawyer, in a press release.

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Mohammed Sylla “denies any involvement in the brawl, his presence on the place of the offence being not proven,” said his lawyer, Elise Arfi. She announced that she would appeal his pre-trial detention, particularly with regard to its “guarantees of representation” and the”absence of prior judicial”. The rapper hit had been placed in police custody Tuesday morning at the request of the investigating judge in charge of the investigation, at the same time that three other suspects, also indicted for the same offence, said the lawyer, contacted by AFP.

MHD proclaimed his innocence

The parisian artist of 24 years old is suspected of being involved in the murder of a 23-year-old. The victim, Loïc K., had been beaten in the night of 5 to 6 July last, receiving stab, lacrosse and other acts of violence on the part of a dozen people at the corner of rue Saint-Maur and Shard in the Xth arrondissement of Paris. “A settling of accounts between gangs of the Tenth and the Nineteenth arrondissement” which had involved a dozen people, according to a source close to the investigation. “Several young people of the Nineteenth were brought down to the Xed-mode “punitive operation””, said this source. The rapper, born in the Nineteenth arrondissement, has “never been involved in conflicts between rival gangs,” assured his lawyer.

She maintains that in the context of this case, “a vehicle belonging to mr. Sylla has been used by individuals, identified by investigators as the perpetrators of this assault deadly”. “As soon as he has knowledge of it”, Mohamed Sylla had brought to the investigating judge during the course of July through his lawyer, she added. He then indicated “that he was at the disposal of the court to explain the circumstances in which his vehicle was able to be used” on the scene, developed the lawyer.

In police custody since Tuesday, Mohammed Sylla has canceled its concerts scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, postponed to a later date. “For reasons beyond our control, we regret to announce that the concert of MHD, provided the Afas Live in Amsterdam on the 16th of January, will not take place”, was made know to the entourage of the rapper in a statement released by the hall in the netherlands. It must also happen on the 29th of march to the AccorHotels Arena, in Paris. Mohammed Sylla, was made known in 2015 by a Youtube video. The singer of 24 years, old close to Booba, released his second album, 19 – as the borough from which he came -sen September.