images of drones in the clouds, an aerial view of Paris, and then Ademo and N. O. S, sitting at the top of the Eiffel tower. DD , the last clip of the group NLP came out on Friday, and announces the color. For the third extract from their next album, Two Brothers , the rappers of Corbeil-Essonnes are no exception to the rule: a melody, a rousing, punch lines galore, and the Auto-Tune indispensable to the “cloud rap”, the rap more calm which made them known. In a few minutes, the release of this new clip has inflamed the social networks, nine months after the release of Ammonia. S ur YouTube, the video has recorded several hundreds of thousands of views in just a few minutes. On Twitter, fans are amazed already, referring to one as “worship”.

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“We had been looking forward to have you back, the landing was long, but we are ready! Thank you for your patience, this time it is the good”

NLP on Twitter

This release comes after a very long teasing of the two brothers. In the night from 21 to 22 march, the duo had started a live video, in which the planet Earth is spinning on itself, and was approaching very slowly from the screen. Satellites, flying chairs, meteorites, the fans have tried so hard to decipher all these clues. Because NLP is, out her new video, also announced Friday the date of his new album: Two Brothers will be released April 5, 2019. “We had to hastily find you, the landing was long, but we are ready! Thank you for your patience, this time it is good,” said NLP on Twitter.

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non-Existent in the media, ubiquitous on social networks, Ademo and N. O. S are known for their communication millimétrée. Their acronym “IBD” (the family), also the name of their record label, became the emblem of originating in the city of Tarterêts. Their previous album, the legend , had, in 2017, was certified diamond disk, achieving over 500,000 sales in digital, physical and streaming. It was the first rap group to earn this reward independent.