The rebellious Serge offered to give him presidential powers

Former Abbot Sergius (Nicholas Romanov) that the ecclesiastical court decided to deprive Sana, said that “for three days to put Russia in order,” and offered to give him presidential powers. The speech of Sergiy published to YouTube.

“Three days — and I will establish order in Russia”, — said Sergei, and has threatened to declare “spiritual warfare” Patriarch Kirill and the Russian government, but promised that “no blood, no Maidan, no revolutions will not be”, it quotes “Waiting for your repentance Patriarch Kirill Gundyaeva,” added Sergius, addressing the Russian leadership.

Recall, chiyoumen Sergius Church, the court decided to deprive of dignity for videos on YouTube with recordings of sermons, in which he disinterestedly speaks of the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church and Russian officials. The decision of the diocesan court must still be signed by Patriarch Kirill. In addition, the court of the Top Pyshma have recognized Sergius guilty of “the dissemination on the Internet of false information” for the denial of the coronavirus and fined 90 thousand rubles.

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