They dare do anything as a person, and it works. But beyond the lyrics and sounds of planing that appeal, the recipe for the success of NLP is primarily based on a marketing plan in place, a communication millimétrée and consummate art of the teaser.

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NLP (for “Peace N Coiled”: peace and notes), it is three letters, two brothers. Ademo and N. O. S, respectively, Tarik Nabil Andrieu from the city of Tarterêts Corbeil-Essonnes. The duo has managed to impose in the middle of the French rap in breaking the codes of the classic communication and surjouant discretion. But then, what is the recipe of NLP mania, sometimes a little too excessive?

Disney’s Scarface

listen, nothing transcendent, a voice systematically in the vocoder (voice synthesizer that replaces the real voice). Ademo said himself, “I’m not a rapper, without the vocoder, I am slammed” in its title Mowgli . On paper, nothing distinguishes them from the French rapper lambda. The themes are the same: the galley, the daily lives of drug dealers, the desire of escape…

Their inspiration, the least we can say, confusing. But NLP has managed to create a real universe while remaining true to himself. In particular, with references ranging from Disney with their song Mowgli , or even Simba from the Lion King in the universe of the manga with GTO and Dragon Ball Z not to mention the allusions to Tony Montana in Scarface and the infamous “no but hello what” Nabilla. A cocktail of explosive references to all-round to the delight of their fans, like it or not.

rappers, storytellers

What stands out, above all, it is the art of the storytelling that they do with accuracy. The duo has turned a corner, throwing in the script of their own history. The trilogy of clips from Naha-Onizuka-Bene is akin to a series of short films of 8, 12 and 16 minutes. A way for the group to cultivate their taste for the stage. With their clips, they explore a visual universe that would almost catch up with the music itself. After having shot several in their city respective, Ademo and N. O. S play the globe-trotters. Destination Mexico, Japan, Italy, Iceland, the scenery still more impressive and still more worked.

What is rare is expensive NLP makes the cover of the magazine The Fader in 2016 A magazine The Fader

At a time when rappers appear daily on the social networks and communicate on the slightest novelty to come, PNL wants to be mysterious. Ademo and N. O. S appear very seldom in the media. A marketing rule of all who live in their fans some excitement at each new occurrence. In 2016, only the american magazine The Fader will be able to approach the elusive brothers. But the interview is short. Instead of responding to the questions, NLP boot key and says that “everything is in the music”. And the lyrics, then?

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This policy of silence seems to be a strategy that has paid off and would become their best promotion tool. A case quite unique in the French rap. A unique concert in 2018, a piece or two per year. One tweet, two words, a émoji. It doesn’t take much to NLP to put in boiling their millions of fans.

A duo who smashed the records

latest clip DD , directed at the top of the Eiffel tower gives the vertigo. Just like the numbers. Posted on 22 march, the video had 12 million views in 48 hours on YouTube. To this day, it rises to almost 20 million views. Figures which put the duo at the head of trends Youtube in France, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland and Morocco. Winning return, three years after their album The Legend , certified diamond disk.

Before I reveal the song DD , PNL is the suspense to build for 16 hours, with a mysterious live YouTube and puts the nerves of its fans to the test. Needless to say, some of them remained glued to their screen waiting to discover the slightest indication of a potential next song or album.

NLP, against the current

The group has made the choice to remain independent and liberated the musical journey traditional by signing with a record label. In November 2015, the two brothers released the album The World chico , now double platinum. They are invited to the show Planet rap, hosted by Fred Mussa on Skyrock but they don’t come: Ademo and N. O. S have sent their monkey Mowgli on the shelf.

In 2016, NLP offers a poster of 665 m2 on the paris ring road to promote their album the legend , total cost of the operation: 140,000 euros. In January 2017, PNL is invited to two shows at the festival Coachella where will Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, RadioHead, or even Drake. They will ultimately not the the show for a problem of visa. Recently, the two brothers would have even refused to Drake to resume their song ammonia , which accounts for today’s nearly 74 million views.

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Still, in 2017, posters are plastered in Paris, a kind of opinion research with an emergency number. At the end of the wire, the music of Bene sounded, to announce the release of the clip. NLP sends a text message with the dates of their next two concerts at Bercy.

After you have obtained their diamond disk for the album The Legend , in total independence, let us recall the two brothers have sent their chimp Mowgli recover their debts. With their album Two Brothers which will be released on April 5, NLP get-t-he, once again, the coveted diamond disk?