The restorers returned the historic character of the architectural decor of the hotel

Conservators finished work for the conservation of decorative elements and sculptures adorning the famous tower of the hotel “Beijing” in Moscow.

As reported in a press-service of the Department of cultural heritage, the experts put in order sculpture, decorative panels, balusters and other architectural elements.

Built in 1956 by the chief architect Dmitry Chechulina hotel Beijing is a unique monument of the Stalin’s Empire style, decorated with rich stucco decoration and frescos, the head of Department Alexey Yemelyanov.

According to him, the restorers worked for four months at the height of over 60 m. In total, four sculptures, 12 pinacle, four decorative panels with images of landmarks, fencing and balusters metal lattice with a spire obratili historic character.

As reported by Emelyanov, also, experts have tidied up the brickwork, restored ornamental plaster and restored the operability of the drainage system.

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