Vincent Lagaf’ will have to wait a bit before reconnecting with the scene. Ten years after Why me?! of Olivier Lejeune, the Mégagaf of Fort Boyard and former host of Strike on C8, is headlining the play The game of truth of Philippe Lellouche. Its first representation, which was to be held Wednesday, march 6, at the theatre of the Gymnasium, has been cancelled due to a flood. The theatre is closed for a few days, announced the management.

according To a source cited by LCI, a tap fire may have been opened intentionally, flooding several rows of the theatre. The origin of this degradation, one or more individuals would be entered by smashing a window on the second floor on the night of Monday to Tuesday 5 march. An act of vandalism discovered by the firefighters of Paris, who have appealed to an architect to assess the potential for collapses. The stage and costumes, in contrast, have not suffered damage.

A police investigation is open to the commissariat of the 10th arrondissement. According to our colleagues from LCI, Jacques Bertin, director of the theatre, would have previously received death threats on the part of an employee dismissed six months earlier. The team of the Théâtre du Gymnase did not wish to comment on this incident for the time being.

The new date the truth , directed by Marion Sarraut, has not yet been unveiled, but the theatre should reopen in a few days, according to LCI. Vincent Lagaf’ will then be able to find the boards, in the role held by Philippe Lellouche between 2005 and 2008. With Christian Vadim and David Brecourt, they will play again the reunion hectic between three childhood friends, and Margaux, the former “bomb school” embodied by the actress Mélanie Page.