The review

the Moscow city court again postponed a hearing on the revision of the verdict of the Russian players Pavel Mamaev and Alexander Kokorin convicted of two fights.

on Monday, the court decided to postpone the meeting on July 31. Previously, the revision was postponed due to the absence of Kokorin and Mamaev in court, reports the Agency “Moscow”.

Recall that the judicial panel of the Second court of cassation overturned the appeal verdict due to violations in its sentencing and was sent for new consideration to the Moscow city court.

the Two fight, during which he condemned fellow players, took place in October 2018. They beat the former Director of the Department of industry and trade Denis Pack and driver leading the First channel of Vitaly Solovchuk.

In the end, Kokorin has received 1,5 years of a General regime colony, and Mamaev, the court sentenced to one year and five months in prison. They were released on PAROLE.

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