It’s throne in front of the Château Louis XI. Majestic. Strangely familiar. Offering looks incredulous curves snowmen old toy. Recalling these wooden horses on wheels that the children were hanging out once behind them… Except that this toy here measuring six meters high and weighs three tonnes. For the route of the park Allivet where it was assembled in early August, it took fifty men dressed in Trojans, two oxen and a tractor, in order to mount the fearsome coast, well known to festival-goers, and which gives the village its name.

Lit, warm hues that highlight the brown delicate of the plates referring to some Greek ship, facing the two bells (300 and 600 pounds) melted down six years ago at the initiative of the festival, this Trojan larp recalled that, at The Côte-Saint-André, everything is possible… when it comes to celebrate the child in the country, Bruno Messina, director of the festival Berlioz, and his team are capable of …

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