The ruble in early trading went on the offensive

the Russian national currency in the first hour of today’s trading on the Moscow exchange strengthened against the US dollar and the Euro.

So, as of 10:06 GMT, the dollar calculations “tomorrow” lost 15 kopecks to the previous close and % to 71.32 RUB the Euro has fallen by almost 13 kopecks. and was on the mark 80,50 RUB according to the exchange.

As noted by IAC analyst “Alpari” Vladislav Antonov, on Tuesday, July 7, trading on ruble pairs ended lower. The pair dollar/ruble has decreased on 0,49%, to 71,37 RUB, EUR/ RUB — on 0,74%, to 80,63 RUB, GBP/RUB — on 0,07%, to RUB 89,65

the Ruble with the opening of trading went on the offensive and by the end of the day have made progress. He rose to foreign currencies by reducing oil prices and us stock indices. Market participants covered short positions on the ruble within the framework of profit-taking after the wagering requirements have been met, the negative anti-Russian sanctions.

U.S. investors also booked profits in stocks, fearing a second wave of coronavirus. Officials of the fed said that without the vaccine the increasing number of cases of coronavirus will limit consumer spending will hit the labour market. Companies will face new challenges that will affect the recovery of the US economy.

in the Asian session, Brent crude is trading above $40 per barrel. Market participants focused on the positive statistics published in the United States and China, ignoring the growing number of cases of coronavirus in the United States. If they now manage to pass the level of $44,50, the ruble will get a good support analyst.

“the Ruble weakened for 13 consecutive days. Since the futures on the SP500 is trading on the upside, it is close to Mosberg should open with a strengthening of the ruble. Resistance for the dollar level will be 71,10 RUB the breakout of It will help the sellers to return the course to RUB 70,70”, — the expert believes.

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