Home Breaking The ruble is again inferior to the dollar and the Euro

The ruble is again inferior to the dollar and the Euro

The ruble is again inferior to the dollar and the Euro

the Russian national currency in the first hour of today’s trading on the Moscow exchange ranks behind the U.S. dollar and the Euro.

So, as of 10:19 Moscow time the dollar calculations “tomorrow” has grown by 30 kopecks to the previous close 72,13 to RUB Euro grew by almost 21 COP. and was on the mark 81,43 RUB according to the exchange.

As noted by the IAC analyst “Alpari” Vladislav Antonov, Monday, July 6, the auction on ruble pairs ended lower. The dollar/ruble rose by 0.64% to 71,82 RUB, EUR/RUB — on 1,17%, to 81.23 RUB, GBP/RUB — on 0,72%, to RUB 89,72

In the afternoon session the dollar exchange rate increased to RUB 72,10 Buyers were active against tightening the sanctions rhetoric by the US and the UK. The U.S. is considering sanctions for alleged bribery GRU Taliban to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan. Britain imposed sanctions against persons associated with the “Magnitsky case”.

According to the analyst, additional pressure on the Russian currency could have the data of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. They reflected the reduced sales of foreign currency in terms of the budget rules. The Agency in July will direct the sale of foreign currency in terms of the budget rules of 125.6 billion rubles ($1.75 billion at current exchange rates) compared with the 203,7 billion rubles in June.

By the end of trading, the Russian currency partially restored the lost positions against the background of the weakening US dollar and increasing price growth. The price of oil increased to $43,68 per barrel.

in addition to the oil market drew strength from the positive dynamics of stock indices. Major stock indexes in the U.S. rose from 1.6% to 2.5%. Indexes in Europe has increased from 1.5% to 1.75%. Support to the market rendered growth of business activity in China. The Shanghai stock index rose by 5.7% and reached the maximum in five years.

on Tuesday, July 7, at auction Asia the Brent oil costs $42,82. The price dropped by 0.69%. Main inalyuty traded in a narrow range in anticipation of the opening of the European session. Futures on the SP500 index was down 0.16% to 3166,50. “On the one hand, investors have a reason to sell the rouble. On the other hand, it supports the increasingly expensive oil. Investors are showing optimism on the backdrop of the ongoing drug development from early stages to quickly recover from the protracted crisis. This week the dollar may stay in the range of from 70.50-72 rubles.” — said the expert.

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