The ruling Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church found in the market in Saratov without a mask (video)

In Saratov, Metropolitan of Saratov and Volsk Longin during a police RAID caught on the market without a protective mask.

As the news Agency “Vzglyad-info”, the ruling Bishop was standing at the counter with vegetables without a mask. The police had prophylactic conversation and recalled that the region has a mask mode. Soon the novice was brought to the Metropolitan remedy. The Protocol for a priest to be steel.

“This is not persecution and is not “insulting religious feelings”. This is “secularism”. When you are treated regardless of casual your clothes and your success in the game World of Tanks. And it’s not specific individuals. It’s just time for disenchantment. On the other hand, from the viewpoint of missiology this is a classic situation: go in peace, be ready for what you perceive is not on the Church,” — commented on the incident in his blog, archdeacon Andrei Kuraev.

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