The Russian Federation has directed a note of protest to the US state Department after the attack on Russian journalists

The Russian Embassy in the United States sent a protest note to the US state Department after the attack American security officers on the crew of the “First channel” in Portland. About it in social networks wrote Ambassador Anatoly Antonov. According to the message on the page of the Russian diplomatic mission in Facebook, on the night of July 22 in Portland while covering protests on journalists “First channel” were attacked by local police. According to Antonov, the employees of the TV channel was showing his press card. On this fact the state Department was sent a note of protest. The Ambassador added that the Russian side has demanded from the USA to conduct a thorough investigation and to inform the Russian Embassy about the results. Journalists, as noted by Antonov, had no resistance. Their health is not worrisome. According to RBC, the employees of the TV channel in the Embassy recommended to stay away from protesters and security forces at a safe distance. Furthermore, Antonov said that the Embassy has not received a response to the previous note of may 31. It concerned the attack by U.S. security forces on journalists “RIA Novosti” Michael Turgiev in Minneapolis. As have informed RBC in the press service of the “First channel”, the group reporter Julia Olkhovskaya was on the way people in a camouflage, when it’s tense. The girl pushed, and the operator was attacked with batons. The result was a broken camera, and the journalists got bruises and scratches.

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