The Russian foreign Ministry confirmed the information about the capture of Yemeni militants printed in the Russian money of $250 million

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova confirmed the information that in Yemen, militants attacked a government convoy and seized printed in Russia banknote in the amount of 64 billion riyals ($255 million). This reports the press service of the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation. During the briefing, Zakharov noted that the incident occurred in the town of Aden. “We can also confirm that, in accordance with the contract, it was signed with the official Yemeni authorities in 2017, JSC Goznak prints for the country’s new banknotes”, — said the representative of the foreign Ministry. Zakharov explained that “we are talking about purely commercial transaction”. Earlier Western media reported that the militants on Tuesday attacked a government convoy, stealing in Russia printed banknotes in the amount of 64 billion riyals.

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