The Russian foreign Ministry criticized the U.S. decision to withdraw from the Treaty on open skies

The US withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies would mean the undermining of the fundamental agreement, which seriously boosted confidence and security in Europe. So appreciated the relevant decision of Washington of Deputy foreign Minister Alexander Grushko. As informs RIA “news”, he stressed that Moscow rejects any attempts to justify withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies by the presence of some technical problems. “Nothing prevents the discussion of issues that the US is trying to issue certain violations on the part of Russia,” he said, adding that when there is political will all problems can be solved through cooperation. Grushko stressed that the Treaty on open skies is a very effective tool of control over military activities, Earlier media wrote that the US plans to withdraw from the Treaty and have notified the authorities of other States. Today, the President of the United States Donald trump officially announced the country’s withdrawal from the agreement. He explained that Russia is violating the provisions of the agreement. The United States will not participate in the agreement until Russia will begin to abide by it, said the American President.

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