The Russian medicine has significantly risen over the year

the Price of Russian drugs in the last year jumped by 23.8%, import — by 7.5%.

“For the year weighted average cost per package of domestic drugs was higher by 23.8% and made up in June to 115 rubles. While the price of imported drugs increased by only 7.5% to 381,4 ruble per pack” — leads TASS excerpts from a review of the analytical company DSM Group.

the Experts also recorded a drop in sales of imported products by 2.8% in rubles and by 9.6% in packages. The volume of sales of domestic medicines in the physical units decreased by 8.4%, but in ruble terms sales increased by 13.4%.

we also Recall that in mid-July, the Russian Association of manufacturers of medicines had written to the Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin letter, which warned of possible disruptions in the provision of medications.

the Problem, I believe in unions, can arise because, in accordance with the new rules, from 1 July 2020 to introduce medicines without labeling only upon receipt of permission of the interdepartmental Commission, told the newspaper “Izvestia”.

Manufacturers of medicines proposed to simplify the procedure to allow companies only to notify authorities on the supply, as it was before.

the Ministry of health publication said that about 170 statements of medications without waiting for identification of the Commission’s decision. However, industry experts expect that the problems with the medication can begin in about three months.

Previously “Izvestia” reported, citing data from the state system of EMIS, in Russia sharply rose in price analgin — last month, the average price of popular painkillers grew by 26.5% to 17 rubles per pack. Moreover, it was indicated by the publication, in commercial structures there is evidence of the rise in price of analgin to 38%.

As explained “News” the main reason is the rising cost of imported pharmaceutical substances of which make even the domestic tablet. Because of this soon-to-rise prices for other drugs, experts warn.

meanwhile, later at the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) told TASS that he had not received complaints about the rising prices of analgin. “The Antimonopoly office received no complaints about the rising prices for the drug dipyrone,” — said the FAS.