The Russian regions can not prohibit to put out forest fires

the Ministry of nature of Russia took the initiative to significantly reduce the number of “control zones”, where regions are allowed to not put out forest fires.

According to “Kommersant”, the reduction is very significant — up to 6% (and now to such zones include almost half of the forest Fund). In fact, the proposal Ministry means the rejection of the concept of “zone control”. The bill is already written.

Now, the regions have the right not to extinguish forest fires in inaccessible and remote areas. The decision to “extinguish — to put out” accept the regional Commission on emergency situations given the fact that the fire does not threaten human settlements or economic facilities, and the projected costs of suppression exceed the projected harm.

the bill proposed by the Ministry of natural resources attributed to the control areas only “non-forest lands, which are located in reserve forests”. In “Greenpeace Russia” made it clear that we are talking about stony placers and the tundra, where the forest can not grow. But from these areas the fire could spread to neighbouring forests.

in addition, according to environmentalists, there is a risk that due to lack of funding regions would not be to extinguish forest fires in remote areas. So it is possible a repetition of last year’s crisis situation with forest fires, when 90% of forest fires accounted for by the control zone, and the smoke from the forest fires has covered a number of cities.

Recall that in the budget of 2019 on preventing and fighting forest fires was laid down on 7 billion rubles, whereas, according to estimates of ecologists, for normal operation, annually is necessary to 25-30 billion rubles.

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