The Russian stock market opened in green zone

Trading on the Russian stock market began on Thursday with growth of main indexes: 10:02 GMT, the ruble Mosberg index added 0.72 per cent to the previous close and was at around 2855,01 item, dollar-denominated RTS index rose 1.06% to 1268,36 points, according to data from the Moscow exchange.

As analysts IK “VELES the Capital” Elena Kozhuhova, “the external background at opening of trading on Thursday is ambiguous”. “Oil prices slightly higher after neutral speakers before, and the mood in world stock markets mixed”, — stated in the review of the expert.

At the same time, the analysts of the ITI Capital, “investors worried about rising tensions between Washington and Beijing after the US demanded to close Chinese Consulate in Houston because of allegations of espionage”. At the same time, according to experts, “on Wednesday (American) market grew after sources told CNBC that congressional Republicans are considering extending the payments of Federal unemployment benefits until the end of the year.”

for his part, the chief analyst of PSB Bogdan Zvarich noted that “the focus of investors continue to place positive news stories and factors, ignoring the risks.” “After the adoption of the budget and approval of budget Fund of reconstruction in Europe, players are expecting progress on a new aid package in the U.S. and the measures that it will include”, — the expert adds.

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