The Russian stock market opened in the red

Trading on the Russian stock market opened decrease in the basic indexes. 10:21 MSK ruble Mosberg index lost 0.40 percent to the previous close and was at around 2771,25 item, dollar-denominated RTS index fell 0.79% to 1224,68 points, according to data from the Moscow exchange.

As noted by the chief analyst of ALOR BROKER Alex Antonov, at the end of yesterday, the index Mosberg lost nearly 1.2%. Given the global decline and fall of “LUKOIL” including dividend gap of nearly 7% is not much. However, the technical picture is negative: the ruble market could not gain a foothold above the upper limit of the sideways channel 2700-2810 points, and now the advantage is on the side of “bears”, indicates the expert.

“Today the external background suggests that the decrease will continue. Coronavirus, the topic has again come to the fore in the absence of reasons for growth. As a result, prior to our discovery, the U.S. futures are down slightly less than one percent, oil prices fall. So at the opening of trading losses according to our stock may constitute about 0.5%,” he said.

According to him, worse than the market promises to look the oil and gas sector, which and so there are no drivers of growth because of expectations of a very bad balance sheet indicators of the companies.

“the Situation is aggravated by the fact that along with the stocks declines and gold, coming up this morning from the top down to around $ 1,800. While we consider this as a correction. On the exit from gold to large investors due to liquidity shortage, as it had been in March, not a speech” — says the analyst.

If the Western indicators do not turn up, then in the evening you can traditionally expect to gain sales before the weekend. There is a risk that major investors will rethink their behavior, and a new week will start with reducing long positions amid rising fears of the coronavirus.

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