The Russian stock market opened on a positive note

Trading on the Russian stock market began Tuesday with growth of main indexes: 10:03 GMT, the ruble Mosberg index added 0.42 percent to the previous close and was at around 2897,14 item, dollar-denominated RTS index rose by 0.55% to 1273,18 points, according to data from the Moscow exchange.

As analysts IK “VELES the Capital” Elena Kozhuhova, “the external background at opening of trading Tuesday, is ambiguous”. “Oil prices stable after rising the day before, and the mood in world stock markets mixed”, — stated in the review of the expert.

Meanwhile, analysts say ITI Capital, Republican senators in the United States “introduced a bill to support the country’s economy $1 trillion, which extends the payment of Federal unemployment benefits, but to a lesser extent, and prepare for negotiations with the Democrats”.

overall, the senior analyst “Alpari Eurasia” Vadim Iosub predicts that “the likely daily corridor index Masuri” will be “within the range of values 2855-2915 points, the RTS index — 1255-1280 points.”

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