The Russians are allowed to go abroad for treatment and to learn

Russia has cancelled a number of restrictions on the departure of Russians abroad and the entry of foreigners. The decree was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

As reported “Interfax”, at meeting of coordination Council for combating coronavirus under the government of the Russian Federation Mishustin has reminded that in order to prevent the spread of infection in March was temporarily restricted the entry of foreigners to Russia and departure of the Russians. “But we understand that life’s situations are different,” — said Mishustin.

He said that for many people it is important to stay in Russia, including to assist sick relatives, and others, on the contrary, you need to leave the country. Mishustin added that the government has received a lot of complaints on this topic. In the end, it was decided to amend the mode limitations.

the idea is to give the opportunity to Russians to leave the country to care for sick relatives abroad, and also for those travelling on work and study. There is a gateway for the Russians who need to receive medical treatment abroad.

Also allowed to enter Russia for foreigners who need to go here for treatment or to visit close relatives, guardians, and Trustees in need of care.

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