The Russians asked to publish the PEC protocols on voting results of the Constitution

On the website published the petition, which the authors are asked to disclose the PEC protocols on voting results on the Constitution. The appeal notes that “given what took place the national vote from 25 June to 01 July 2020… the results, published by the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation, are very doubtful.” The authors of the petition said that “the Russian people” in this situation, want not “believe” in the veracity of published results, and their “test”. We will remind that amendments to the Constitution voted by more than 77% of the votes, against — of 21.27%. The opposition has already declared that does not recognise results of the vote, as were numerous violations. In response to allegations the head of the CEC of the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova said that they “nothing to defend” and added that the CEC “is ready to listen to criticism on the merits.” In turn, an expert in electoral statistics, Sergei Shpilkin upon review of the 88 million voters came to the conclusion that more than 22 million votes can be considered “abnormal”. He pointed out that if it wasn’t “manipulation”, the turnout was 42%, the amendment was spoken to in 65% of voters, against — 35%.

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