The Russians called for a ban on increase of tariffs during the crisis

On the website of the Russian public initiative petition demanding a ban on raising tariffs of natural monopolies (gas, electricity, water, railway transport) for a period of three years. The authors of the petition indicate that the coronavirus pandemic caused enormous damage to the Russian economy and hit the well-being of every citizen. One of the most painful and dangerous process called inflation, including rising prices for essential goods and services. Widespread dorozhanie leads to a decrease in income and standard of living of the population, and a loss at the manufacturers of interest in creation of quality products. “One of the “locomotives” of growth of inflation is the increase in tariffs of natural monopolies — gas, electricity, water, railway transportation. People say: if you have expensive electricity, so expensive everything. Indeed, the cost of any manufactured goods expenses on electricity. Consequently, the increase of electricity tariff increases the price of a product, production, services in the field of housing and so on”, — stated in the petition. Another petition contains the requirement to “impose a moratorium on the indexation of tariffs of housing and communal services and natural monopolies”. The authors also point to the disastrous consequences of the crisis. “Every year, from 1 July happening in our country indexation of tariffs for housing and communal services. In 2020 pledged indexing at 4%. Also indexed tariffs of Russian Railways, highways (toll roads), Plato etc. In a worsening economic crisis and falling of solvency of the population it would be logical to freeze tariffs at the current level, and impose a moratorium on the indexation of utility tariffs and monopolies until at least 2022”, — said in the text.

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