The Russians continue to publish the petition calling to cancel the results of the exam in chemistry

For the last days, the network appeared several petitions, the authors of which expressed outrage at overly difficult tasks of chemistry’s common state examination in the year 2020.

the text of one of the petitions on the website it is said that many students were crying in the classroom, their dreams of entering Universities were destroyed.

the parents of the students demanded to cancel the results of examinations and conduct a retake with adequate jobs.

“Unreasonably difficult tasks the tasks were taken from the “ceiling”. We were not prepared and not going to put up with the lost points. We have a right to education! Fair on exams!”, — reads the appeal.

Earlier on the portal was already posted several petitions complaining of the unreasonable difficulty of the tasks on the exam in chemistry, solidarity expressed and teachers. Read more here. The service rejected the complaint, noting that the job “did not go beyond the school curriculum”.

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