The Russians demanded in the petition to lower the price of gasoline

the authors of the petition, the Network has demanded the government of the Russian Federation to reduce the price of diesel to 25 cents per liter.

They recalled that Brent crude fell to $45 per barrel, while Russia owns more than 10% of world production.

“the Demand for oil in the world because of coronavirus decreased significantly, by more than 20%. Russian citizens, companies, entrepreneurs have the right to get fuel in the oil price plus the cost of production and distribution,” reads the petition on the website

it is Noted that the decrease in gasoline prices producers would be able to set a lower price for their goods including export, and in General the economy of the Russian Federation “would have received a serious impetus to development”.

it became known Earlier that producer prices of gasoline in Russia on average rebounded in June to 27.5% in comparison with the previous month.

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