The Russians explained how to return money for tickets

the Passenger could get the money for the plane ticket, regardless of whether it was purchased in returnable or non-refundable fare if the airline canceled the flight in case of emergency, the threat of its occurrence or the introduction of high alert mode. However, a refund will occur only after three years. This was announced by the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation.

during the three-year period to refund for a ticket that amount will be charged interest for the use of the funds.

“the interest for the use of funds accrued on the date of repayment of these funds to the passenger, but not later than the end of the four-year period from the date of departure of the flight specified in the ticket,” — said in the message.

This applies to tickets with departure dates from February 1, 2020 on flights between Russia and China, and from 18 March 2020 — for all domestic and international flights. The ticket must be purchased before may 1, 2020.

you Can issue a refund in the form of a voucher and then buy a new ticket or within three years from the date of departure to get the money.

Earlier, the Russian government approved a decree legalizing the provision of vouchers for tickets. The document notes that the airline will be able to submit a ticket (with the changed date, time and route) within three years or return the ticket price to the passenger. the resolution is valid only for tickets that were canceled in connection with the spread of the coronavirus. Under document action get tickets with the departure date February 1, 2020 from China and to China from March 18 — for all other international routes and domestic routes.

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