The Russians had a chance to visit Hungary from July 15

Hungary is to introduce Russia to the list of countries whose citizens since July 15 unable to visit the country. In this condition of entry will be a two-week quarantine or provision of information that the tourist is not infected with a coronavirus.

As the portal of the Hungarian government, the operational headquarters for the fight against the pandemic recommended to divide all countries into three categories — “red”, “yellow” and “green”.

In the “red” list are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Belarus, Montenegro, Ukraine and some countries of Asia. For nationals of those countries entry into Hungary is prohibited. In the “yellow” list — individual EU countries, such as Portugal, Bulgaria and Sweden, as well as Serbia, Russia, UK, USA and China. The rest of the country — in a safe “green” list.

Earlier in Hungary reported that the country will open its borders to the Russians on July 15. At the moment the EU is not ready to let into its territory of citizens of the Russian Federation. However, by 15 July, the EU Council should prepare a new edition of the list of “safe countries”.

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