The Russians in April are more willing to buy online chips and candy

Online sales in Russia of chocolates and chips in April showed an increase compared to last year. Meanwhile, their sales in the stores were not as high. It is reported by RIA “Novosti” with reference to the research company Nielsen.

the study says that “the range of online stores often presents premium brands, so the average price in similar product categories in the Internet are different in a big way”.

the Average price of bulk chocolates on the Internet were 1.5 times more than offline, chips online were 1.3 times more expensive chocolate is 1.7 times more expensive cat food — twice the price.

“But even this factor was not able to inhibit high growth of online sales,”- said in the text.

So, the Internet sales bulk chocolate candies in April in real terms grew by 561% in comparison with April of last year. Offline sales growth was only 3%. Sale chips online grew by 346% compared to 15% in the offline world, chocolate — 250% vs 2%.

Earlier in the study, which had a service job SuperJob at the request of “Kommersant.Money”, said that the company introduced in Russia, limitations, citizens began to save on clothing, skin care products, the goods for creativity and transport. Spending has grown only for food.

In the period of self-isolation 44% of Russians have reduced the costs of buying clothes and shoes. Almost 40% reduction in the transportation budget. Cosmetics have less to spend 37% and goods for hobby – almost a third of Russians. Almost 40% of respondents noted that spending on food increased.

Respondents 1 thousand 600 people.

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