The Russians, outraged by the

In Russia today established a “gross” population stratification by income level, while the main tax burden is concentrated on the poorer citizens, say the authors of the petition on the website “Russian public initiative”. In their appeal they point out that the country has “virtually eliminated the middle class, despite the statements of the President”, and the minimum wage “is not applicable for real calculations of salaries/benefits because of their detachment from reality”. In this regard, the authors of the petition propose to introduce a progressive scale of taxation. So, according to the initiative, the annual income of over 20 billion roubles should be taxed 40%, from 10 to 20 million roubles — 30%; from 5 to 10 million roubles — 20%; for income between 400 thousand to 5 million rubles a year to maintain personal income tax at 13%, but if income is below 400 thousand rubles a year, exempt from personal income tax. Also in the petition it is proposed to introduce a special control over the income of officials and authorized persons, namely to track the income of all family members of such employees, and their relationships for legal entities. The property of officials and authorized persons to impose a tax at the rate of 10%, the authors add. They also believe that it is necessary to eliminate the mandatory payment of business contributions to the pension Fund at the rate of 22%. Instead, to pay employees a “living money” 20% in excess of the wages so that the people themselves have formed retirement savings. Finally, the authors of the petition suggest to recalculate the amount of the minimum wage based on the real situation price situation in the country, to include the cost of housing and utilities, include the allowance of 10-15% for the purposes of accumulation of money.

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