even , song Maître Gims duet with Vianney, was the title of the most circulated last year by French radio stations, with over 75,000 passages to the antenna, succeeding tube, Ed Sheeran, the Shape of you, that had dominated in 2017, according to a ranking published on Thursday by the research company Yacast. It beat Leave A Light on by Tom Walker, and Flames of David Guetta.

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even is also second in the ranking of the clips with the most shown on tv, according to the study, preceded by Mafiosa Artist. Released on April 20, the clip Maître Gims and Vianney had, however, been accused of plagiarizing the one made by the photographer Charlotte Abramow to illustrate the song busy of Georges Brassens, specially designed for the international Day of the rights of the woman.

the director of The clips d’ Angele has released on the social networks of the comparison images of the two videos, which did not fail to react the users in the comments of the clip, even .

For his part, Master Gims remains as the artist, which was broadcast on tv as on the radio last year, several of his other songs that have been hits. According to Yacast, the success of Maître Gims “is the picture of good health” of the French-language music on the radio: the broadcast of French-language titles increased by 1.2 points to 35.1%, and the number of francophone artists aired rose 10.4%, to 5.361 (out of a total of 34.022). By genre, the rap is progressing by 2.5 percentage points, with 11.5% of titles distributed, while the R & b loses 3 points. The variety French-speaking remains the genre with the largest circulation, with nearly 30%, a level similar to previous years.

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on Wednesday, Vianney announced on the social networks want to ‘regain a little shade and quiet”. A break which he had already spoken in the past, and it seems to finally be granted. “In our phones, life is too small,” he wrote. “I’m writing all this with a smile on your lips, when I think of what one has experienced and what will come.”