The satellites of

Two telecommunications satellites, “Express” successfully separated from the upper stage “breeze-M”. This was reported in Twitter of the Russian space Agency.

“After 18 hours and 16 minutes after launch the satellites Экспресс80 and Экспресс103 successfully separated from the upper stage “breeze-M””, — stated in the message.

the carrier Rocket “proton-M” was launched from Baikonur cosmodrome at 00:25 GMT July 31. The active flight phase “Proton” lasted for 587 seconds, after which the orbital unit was launched into a suborbital trajectory. Then the upper stage “breeze-M” began removing the two spacecraft on the target orbit.

This is the only launch of “Proton” in 2020.

the satellites of the “Express” is designed to provide fixed and mobile communications, digital broadcasting, high-speed Internet access and data transfer.