The scientist gave a terrible Outlook on the coronavirus in the coming years

Coronavirus will return to the waves for a few years and cover the planet. This was stated by chief scientific adviser to the UK government Patrick Vallance, BBC reports.

According to the scientist, a “very high probability” of growth in the number of cases of infection with coronavirus infection this winter.

Earlier, the main infectious diseases, Professor sechenovskiy University Vladimir closets said that the second wave of coronavirus infections expected in Russia in the fall. A new wave of incidence will be weaker than the first, he added. “Will be formed school, student working groups, from leave will return to the people. It always leads to the fact that the growing incidence of respiratory infections, but we do not expect the second wave of the same strength as was the first wave,” said the closets.

currently, Britain, Germany and the United States have conducted tests of a vaccine against coronavirus in humans.

According to the latest in the world of the coronavirus infected more than 14 million have died, over 600 thousand people. In Russia the total number of infected COVID-19 reached 765 437 85 regions, died 12 247 people.

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