The scientist said, how long will last the first wave COVID-19

the First and only wave of coronavirus will last until until COVID-19 catches 70-80% of the population. The opinion was expressed by head of the Department of Microbiology, Virology, immunology sechenovskiy University Vitaly Zverev.

the Academician believes that the fall is expected to increase the incidence of cold, but it “absolutely does not mean that came a new wave” of coronavirus.

“What is new wave? We have first comes and will go,” said Zverev, reports “Interfax”, noting that “there is no need to fear”.

Academician explained that the fall surge in incidence will be associated with other respiratory diseases that have not gone away.

Since the beginning of the epidemic in Russia 783 328 thousand confirmed cases of coronavirus, the disease has claimed the lives 12580 people.

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