The scientist: the incident with the

the Journalist “Rain” Pavel Lobkov was able to vote twice to vote on amendments to the Constitution, but this does not affect the credibility of the procedure, the head of the Department of applied political science, HSE campus in St.-Petersburg Andrey Shcherbak.

“Initially, it was clear that the system has vulnerabilities. And it’s not that it is evil intent in his crystal form. Just any system is not without holes: recall, constantly updated smartphones,” — said the analyst.

According to him, the level of trust is not affected because the skeptics are once again convinced of the correctness, and others will be able to refer to the flaws of the system.

“Society in its perception of this process has long been come to all the answers that are needed”, — said Shcherbak.

He added that considers possible punishment of a journalist “a flexible interpretation of the rules.”

“Laws themselves do not apply. They are used to people. If it was not Pavel Lobkov, a conditional Margarita Simonyan, or Vladimir Solovyov, they would be thanked for finding vulnerability, which will not be able to use less loyal journalists and public figures. Hardly they would be fined. It is clear that the Pubic will get the maximum possible. Thirty thousand sounds all the same weight,” — said the expert.

to Add, in violation of article 5.22 of the administrative code installed just fine with the amount, an alternative is not provided.

we will Remind, Pavel Lobkov voted at the polling station № 141 Moscow, and an hour later took part in electronic form, is permitted in the capital. The CEC called the actions of the journalist provocation.

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