If they do have may not be marked to their claw on the history of art, his panthers kitsch, have taken up residence in the apartments of some of the personalities from the show business, like Justin Bieber and Celine Dion. According to our colleagues of the Paris , their creator, Richard Orlinski is the subject of an investigation by the Parquet national financier (PNF), on suspicion of “laundering of tax fraud aggravated”.

At the beginning of the month of July, the housing, the gallery, the offices and the bank of the artist were the subject of a search by the central Office for the fight against corruption and violations of financial and tax services. In this investigation, the role of Antony Gébrier, agent Richard Orlinski from 2009 to 2017, would not be trivial. The man is indeed at the origin of the accusations of fraud against the artist that he was, providing bank documents and e-mail exchanges to the police.

gold bar

Antony Gébrier claims to have bought in Spain, for the account of the sculptor, a company named Rigurosa, and have opened a bank account. What was supposed to be a decorating company would not be, of the result of the accusations of the ex-agent, that a company screen. However, as were able to see our colleagues from the Paris , many transfers have been made from two other companies, Richard Orlinski – Passy Belleville and Ininvest Heritage – to Rigurosa.

The money sent to Spain on the accounts of the company Rigurosa, according to Antony Gébrier, would have served to actually obtain gold bars from a belgian company. The treasure was transiting then in Paris and was exchanged for cash. In sum, the sculptor would have avoided the imposition of the French on thousands of euros.

Richard Orlinski is preparing to file a complaint

Because he would have participated in this system of fraud that denounces, Antony Gébrier risk prosecution itself. In addition, according to The new yorker , some of its actions could amount to blackmail, as the suggests of e-mails and voice recordings.

“Antony Gébrier has a form of obsession vis-à-vis Richard Orlinski who, for his part, knows little,” says his side the lawyer of the sculptor, Patrick Klugman, in the columns of the Paris . “There is not an exact word in the ravings”, asserts there. Before adding: “It is sad that the public Prosecutor national financial has launched an investigation into the faith of the deceitful statements of a master singer.”

Richard Orlinski will file a complaint for false accusation, blackmail and attempted extortion, as well as for anti-semitism. The board of the artist said to have the evidence of racist statements on the part of Antony Gébrier. The battle between Antony Gébrier and Richard Orlinski is clearly not close to self-soothe. Not sure that it tainted the success of the sculptor, which multiplies the collaborations with prestigious brands and who, become a DJ, had mixed at the Louvre on the evening of the victory of Emmanuel Macron.