The senators proposed to change the rules for removing children from families

In the state Duma a package of draft laws concerning adoption and custody of children. It is reported TASS with reference to one of the authors of the initiatives Elena Mizulina.

“the Bill provides that the child (forced separation from parents) will be carried out only when the guilty behaviour of parents on the basis of a legally effective court decision about deprivation of parental rights or about restriction of a judicial bailiff-executor with the participation of the guardianship and a person who is transferred to a child,” — said Mizulina.

Sets the list of 11 grounds for recognizing the child left without parental care. In particular, the amendments prohibit the entry of the guardianship in the housing without the consent of tenants and prohibit guardianship to refuse the adoption of a child by relatives because of low income. In addition, the guardianship cannot refuse transfer of the child to the care of his relatives on the grounds of lack of sufficient income; inconsistency of premises sanitary and technical regulations and standards; whether they have dependent disabled persons if living together with them is not dangerous to life and health of the child.

the Family code proposes to include a new Chapter on interim measures of protection of the child when the parents cannot exercise their responsibilities.

Before that in the state Duma introduced a bill that would limit out-of-court procedure for the removal of children from the family. Code of civil procedure proposed to add a new category of cases subject to special proceedings — for the removal of the child from parents (one of them) or other persons in charge which he is, with the direct threat to his life or health. The ability to remove the child from the family without a court decision will remain in the risk of death of the child within a few hours.

Earlier, the Russian government has allocated 9.5 billion rubles for the program of support of large families and pay them to 450 thousand. rubles for repayment of the mortgage. Right to compensation with families in which the third or subsequent children appeared in the period from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2022. It is as the birth and adoption of children.

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