The detectives Park Doo-man and Seo Tae-Yoon can finally put an end to their hunt. More than thirty years after the facts at the origin of Memories of Murder , a thriller Korean directed by Bong Joon-ho in 2004, the serial offender would have been found. And this is not an ordinary man. The man, aged 56 years, is currently in prison for the murder and rape of his sister-in-law, according to RFI.

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From 1986 to 1991, the case was terrorized South Korea. The bodies of the ten women of all ages had been found, his feet and hands bound, between the rice paddies in the city of Hwaseong, in the province of Gyonggi in the north-west of the country. Tens of thousands of police officers had been put to work to find the killer and rapist. Over the course of an investigation difficult, more than 20,000 suspects had been interrogated.

man will not be prosecuted

“In July of this year, we sent a part of the evidence to the forensic laboratory and the results show that the DNA of the suspect corresponds to at least two of the ten cases”, announced the representatives of the police of the province of Gyeongi Nambu in a press release relayed by Konbini. But according to the Korean media, the man, who denies being the killer, will not be prosecuted. At the time there was, in South Korea, a period of limitation of 15 years for this type of crime, deleted from, but not retroactively.