Nothing goes as planned. In Paris, the Jackson, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Jackie have cancelled their concert at the Dome of Paris, ex-Palace of sports. “As in 2013 in Marseille, they disappear without explanations, without apologies, without a word, note François Guerini, host MJ, which is the main forum for French fans of Michael Jackson. As in most, they do nothing to promote their concerts, or on television or on social networks, or via fan sites, their silence is perceived as disrespectful. Approximately 50 % of the fans don’t like them and others respect them as a part of the story.”

Compared to them, Quincy Jones is a much better saw. Even if its critical of “Bambi” have ruffled the feathers of more than one, the musician is still considered as a great artist whose work on the album Thriller, Bad and Off the Wall has been historic. It is so serenely that 86-year-old Quincy Jones decided to set up an evening with the symphony concert exclusively around the tubes …

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