How to say and to repeat to the beauty upsetting of the show very personal that touches the deepest each of the spectators? How to say the originality of the writing process led by Mikaël Chirinian with her friend Ocean, the singularity of the narrative that braids the story of his own family with that of Captain Ahab and the white whale, Moby Dick? How to give an idea of the unique charm of the scenography designed by Natacha Markoff, the fluidity delicate the staging of Anne Bouvier?

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We would want to simply say: go, check out, you will be blown away by this work, was born in friendship, the talent, the strength of an artistic requirements, the urgency to speak his truth to a man, very talented and very endearing. In fact, after his adaptations of Report on me of Grégoire Bouillier and The List of my desires of Grégoire Delacourt, he played a long time with success, imposing her long athletic figure, his head shaved, his eyes deep and firm that illuminates a harmonious face framed by a beard, closely cropped, Mikaël Chirinian dares to confront its own history, the history of his family.

A book pop-up

On the plateau, in the beautiful surroundings predominantly white which gives rise to flowers, the objects, as in a children’s book, a book pop-up, the lights of Denis Koransky, the music of Pierre-Antoine Durand, the actor is only accompanied by a puppet that is his fellow, his brother, a puppet created by Francesca Testi. Mikaël Chirinian has so composed with Ocean (he is the director of Kittens violent, which is given elsewhere in the same theater Saturday at 17: 30) this journey to the depths of his heart. It is part of his passion for Moby Dick and he took him to understand that it had to do with the most intimate of his origins and his training. Armenia by his father, Algeria, and the jewish culture by his mother, his sister, five years his elder, bears a name that means “God” in Hebrew… Mikaël grew up in Provence, loves his parents, his grandparents. Also loves school and his buddies. Everything is going well? No. There is a threat in this universe happy.

The actor embodies in turn each of the characters and gives the maternal grandmother an appearance tasty and very funny. We laugh a lot at this time and we need it because the history that it tells is violent, very hard, and the whiteness here is that of death or strait-jackets…

What is here masterfully succeeded, and without emphasis, without highlighting, it is the inextricable link between the great Story, the facts seem far away but will weigh all their weight on the destiny of future generations. These invisible threads that are running and create tensions in the lives of the poor humans who do not include any…

Dare to say: The Shadow of the whale is a show of miraculous, carried by a Mikaël Chirinian all the more wonderful that he is sober and the game continues.

● “The Shadow of the whale”, Theatre Lepic 1, avenue Junot (Xviii). Tel.: 01 42 54 15 12. Of the sea. at the sam. at 19: 30, sun. 18 h. Duration: 1 h. Tickets: 12 €. BOOK >