The share of expenses of Russians in April, the food has grown a record

the Index reflecting the share of expenses of Russians on the Food Index in April reached a record 46%. It is reported by RBC with reference to the research holding “ROMIR”.

“compared with March, the index increased by 26%. At the same time against the last year index rising by 46%”, — stated in the message of “ROMIR”.

According to the holding, the products of the average Russian family spent in April 26 thousand rubles, while its total expenditure amounted to 56,8 thousand rubles.

Explained that the growth in spending on food is associated with the increase in food prices. Yet the growth of spending on food can be associated with purchasing products before the period of isolation, but the effect of this was almost leveled within one month, specified in “ROMIR”.

Earlier, experts of Bank VTB analyzed consumer activity of Russians in the period of the coronavirus and found that the Russians in April of this year, a third have reduced their spending.

the Experts record that the heaviest expenditures of Russians has decreased in the segment of travel. In this case, “one of the few areas where turnover grew relative to last April, became food retail (+23%)”, says the survey.

“If the total income sharply reduced the volume of purchases of Russians: one-third in comparison with April 2019 and 42% — from the current March. Hardest hit merchant acquiring (buying in offline stores) — 35% and 51%, respectively. Online orders showed a decrease of 30% over the previous April, although their share in the total volume of transactions increased by 11 percentage points to 34%,” — stated in the review VTB.

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