Gabriel Diniz joined the circle of cursed singers who have fallen in the flower of age. Rising star of pop brazilian, he died at the age of 28 in a plane crash on Monday, reports the local media Sergipe G1 . The star, known for his hit Jenifer , had given a concert Sunday in the south-east of the country, Feira de Santana, State of Bahia, and was supposed to join his girlfriend, which was the birthday, in Maceió, in the north. The small aircraft that was carrying the star crashed, mid-term, in the city of Estância, State of Sergipe. The causes of the accident have not been determined.

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Gabriel Diniz had gone up the day after her concert in a single-engined american Piper designed in 1974, a small gear of tourism with a capacity of four places, belonging to the aero club of Alagoas. The pilot and co-pilot who were in the cockpit, the members of the club, had several years of flight experience, and the plane was in a regular situation. The craft flew over at low altitude a few houses, before crashing, reports a woman in the media G1 . They have also died in the accident. We found their bodies in a mangrove swamp. One of Gabriel Diniz has been identified by those close to the singer and thanks to the discovery of his passport found in the vicinity. An investigation is underway to determine the circumstances of this tragic incident.

Paulo Lima, president of Universal Music Brasil, his label, has paid tribute to “one of the most promising artists in Brazil, too talented, a being of light”. His tract Jenifer , released in 2018, is comparable to the 240 million views on YouTube. Messages of sorrow and support sent to the family by fans of the young man bloom already on the social networks.

Jenifer , Gabriel Diniz

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