This is a revelation that Hoshi would have gone well. In an interview with the December 14, conducted by our colleagues of Paris Match , the singer, who has passed 100,000 copies of his album just believe , looks back on her journey, on her parents ‘ opposition to his desire to become a singer… and evokes, in the end of the interview, his homosexuality, which she said show “no problem”. Problem: the 22-year old woman had apparently never consented to reveal his sexual orientation.

In a long message posted on Facebook, she spoke about what she sees as a betrayal of the journalist who transcribed this interview. “I vomit when reading this article today, I throw up in seeing how some journalists do not respect anything, are just there to make a scandal, to make money. They take shortcuts,” writes the translator of Ta marinière .

According to her, she never revealed explicitly to the journalist that she was homosexual. “I had not answered “I’m a lesbian” simply because this was not the subject matter. Because a coming out forced and unnecessary that I don’t have to justify myself, I have no account to give without preventing me to fully assume my person,” says the one who said to be “woken up in tears” after reading the interview.

actors of the fight against homophobia to support Hoshi

fans of the young singer quickly expressed their support, but also actors of the fight against homophobia. Guillaume Mélanie, founder and co-head of the association Emergency Homophobia, ensures that Hoshi of all his support. And to evoke an “outing filth and absolutely unworthy of a French media”.

The reporter whose work has been put in question has defended itself on Twitter have revealed the homosexuality of the artist against his will. “During this long time we spent together, it occurred to me that you took fully. You yourself have told me “I’ve never had to make coming out to my family because it was natural and I found it nice that you post completely your sexual orientation,” she wrote. Before adding: “we had a great opportunity to conclude my article with a foot of nose to the homophobic.”

“It is too easy, because you regret your words, take me to target,” she concludes, claiming that it will continue to “defend” the art of Hoshi, the voice hoarse, and the universe is melancholic, there are more interesting considerations about his personal life.

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