The singer Kylie Rae Harris, age 30, was killed Wednesday in a car accident while on her way to the Big Barn Dance, a country music festival in Taos, New Mexico. His death was revealed by a press release published by Billboard on Thursday.

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The collision occurred Wednesday night involving three vehicles has made two victims: the singer and a young girl of 16 years. The third person came out unscathed. The survey, conducted to attempt to identify the precise circumstances of this accident, will determine whether one of the drivers had consumed alcohol, which could be the cause of the drama.

The artist of 30-year-old had already two albums to his credit and was released in march last an EP that was met with great success in the media country. “His career was about to take off,” said one of the organizers of the festival. All performances of the festival will be dedicated to the memory of Kylie Rae Harris.

The family and close friends of the singer are devastated. “All those who knew Kylie knew how much she loved her family and, beyond that, how much she liked the music,” said Sarah Frost, his press attaché. “The best tribute to his enthusiasm unmatched for both is to spread as much love as possible, and listen to music that inspires you fully”.

The last Tweet on the account of the young woman, posted a few hours before the accident, has the appearance of prediction: “Dear little Jesus, I beg you, do not let me me fail in New Mexico”. She would explain sooner have lost a part of his family in this area in… a car accident.

She leaves behind her daughter, to whom she dedicated her song Twenty Years from Now .