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The singer Upchurch in the trial after having destroyed two tables with blows of the assault rifle


last November, the rapper country Upchurch the Redneck has posted on his account Instagram video in which he pulls the assault rifle on two portraits painted by Jacob Aaron LeVeille. The painter, who has not tasted the tribute, decided to lodge a complaint. A lawsuit filed by the artist in a federal Court in Florida is pending.

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The artist believes that Upchurch has violated the Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990, in the “maiming them intentionally,” the two tables (one representing the musician and the other Johnny Cash). This law allows an artist to retain moral right over his work even after its sale, particularly in the case of its destruction or degradation.

But the singer has not stopped there. In the video, he is insulting the painter in the end of the sequence. Affront ultimate, it even goes so far as to sell the paintings at auction. LeVeille sees these acts as “libellous”, all the more that the video has been published on a account of Instagram with 1.4 million followers, including more than 155,000 have seen the film since its release on 9 November. Last Tuesday, the federal Court has issued a subpoena against Upchurch.

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A dispute, which date of 2016

Upchurch the Redneck, who began his career as a comedian on Youtube, that subsequently launched a career as an actor before being successful in mixing humor, rap, and rock. In 2015 his EP Cheatham County reached the top thirty of the list of albums for rap and country charts in Billboard. The singer meets the painter LeVeille, a specialist in portraits of the great figures of the country, during a concert in 2016. He buys a table and order the other two. But a first litigeles opposed from the payment of the transaction. The story heats up and, after a few months, Upchurch eventually let go in front of the camera.

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“My client hopes that there will be some justice for the destruction of his works,” said Joel Rothman, a lawyer for LeVeille, the site Hyperallergic . This is a young artist who has an immense talent.” In front of the judges, the complainant requires Upchurch restitution of the paintings, damages and the payment of its counsel fees.