The sister of the murdered Elizabeth Glubinoi told about the last moments of family life

Muscovite, who lost his family after a bloody massacre in the house on the street Priorova, in a personal account posted a photo of the porch entrance, where the family lived. To the house concerned Muscovites lay flowers and children’s toys.

she was lost on 18 June, the mother, his sister Elisabeth Lupino and four sons. All of them shot and killed the ex-boyfriend of Elizabeth Sevastian Putintsev came to her house with a carbine “saiga” and a traumatic pistol.

According to mother of the murdered child, the boy ran away and hid in the bathroom, closed the door. “Fought. Probably waited for rescue from their parents, and they were not close. The door is not saved. That will save the “Saiga”, — the woman wrote, noting that “freak shot at the castle and didn’t plan to leave anyone alive.”

Adam also reported that his sister, who met Putintsev almost five years after the tragedy, will be an open casket, according to “KP”.

Recall that the June 18 shooting occurred in an apartment on the street Priorova. A young man came to his former lover with a shotgun and killed her, her mother and four year old nephew and then killed himself.

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