The Facebook fundraiser for Ian is terminated, by you and his pumpkin sale is now enough money for his diabetic Warnhund was enrolled in school come

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As of the six-year-old Ian Unger from Sand Lake, Michigan, in this year, he rejoiced the most, with his new school mates to travel independently on the Bus to school. When he found out but from the official side of the school, that this was in his case, a world broke down for him. Ian has type 1 Diabetes and the school did not want to take responsibility, that he is driving without an adult accompaniment. You could ask him, however, no accompanying person, who controls his blood sugar levels. She offered, instead, to him at 8.45 a.m. with an empty school bus pick up. “The school will start at 8.30 am,” said Katrina Christensen, 38, of the American “People.com”. Ian would like to be treated like everyone else and thought it was unfair that he alone should take the Bus.

The solution, the Christensen family came, was a companion dog. Diabetic Warnhunde are trained to recognize when their patients Under – or Hyperglycaemia. In both cases, the chemical processes in the body of the diabetic, the change in the breath and sweat. The dogs are noticing the life-threatening Situation often earlier than the Affected person and alert you by barking. So, a trained dog costs a lot of money, at least $ 25,000. The family would have needed years, the sum save up to buy.

Ian wants to earn money

“Ian was going to open a lemonade stand to earn money,” says Christensen. “The lemonade season, however, was as good as over, so we offered him to take over this year, our Pumpkin field. He said: ‘I sell pumpkins and will get my dog!” And so it was, however, but a little different. One of Ian’s customers was at a flea market-page advertising for his pumpkins, a reader, they spread in Facebook. That was on 11. October. The stone came rolling.

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On the 12. October, the family launched a Facebook fundraiser. Although Ian had already sold a few pumpkins, but it would simply take too long, only to have the money for his dog to get along. In Parallel, various online media and television stations had learned from the event and reported on the six-year-old who sells pumpkins. Ian’s client base grew, hundreds came to Ian’s shop. The Boy helped each individual to find the right pumpkin. And the first donations came in the door.

Then everything happened very quickly

Four days later, everything was money. From the Facebook target of 20,000 24.890 US-Dollar, 712 people have donated for Ian. In ten months, Ian will get his dog that is well trained for it. “Ian is a very happy kid,” said Christensen about her son “People.com”. “He always helps people. His illness, he takes left. I am very proud of him. He could not be upset about it, but it is not. He responded: ‘it is what It is. So I must address it so.’ And then he makes it.” The donation page in Facebook is full of congratulations for Ian. And Greetings from people that have met him on his pumpkin field.

Yesterday we went and bought pumpkins from our new friend Ian! Ian is a sweet 5 year old boy with type 1 diabetes, who…

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