The social worker discussed safety on the Russian roads

At the Moscow press center “Rosbalta” held a round table on road safety in Russia. The participants spoke in favor of the separation structures on strained highways and the abolition of special vehicles with flashing blue lights.

the founder of the party “New people” Alexey Nechaev has made three proposals, relevant to the present day. First of all, he stressed the need for the installation of “rumble strips” and similar structures separating the counter flows on motorways, instead of the usual dividing lines painted on the asphalt.

second, Nechaev has expressed serious doubts about the necessity of a special drive mode for any high-ranking officials, except the President of the Russian Federation. Alexey Nechaev said that, if he is able to take the post of Chairman of the party faction in the state Duma, he will not use a “flasher”. Thirdly, the politician suggested that on many road sections in the country too restricted speed. Often the camera sometimes do not serve for safety, and for extortion from drivers.

These initiatives are supported by popular blogger, the leader of the movement “Society of blue buckets” Peter Shkumatov. For its part, he said that the proportion of the national statistics of road traffic accidents is deceptive. According to official figures, 90% of the accident blame the driver. In this spirit, for drivers and then tightening the punishment.

meanwhile, the concept of Shkumatov, in half of an accident is guilty of “unsatisfactory road conditions”: pits, snow drifts, trash piles, etc. Often, these obstacles even pushed the car into oncoming traffic and blame the driver. “On the road there are three objects: the car, the driver and the road directly — said Shkumatov. All emergency situations do not develop in isolation from each other, and in interaction”.

Reporters noticed that recently, on the web there was information that the Nechaev more than 100 unpaid fines for the last time. Alexey Nechaev did not avoid the question and make excuses. “In 2011 I had a expired driver’s license and since I was behind the wheel did not sit down. The car that I drive works in enterprise mode, there are several drivers and they carry not only me, but also travel on business of the company. As for the numbers — more than a hundred fines — I was surprised. But I want to note that this is two years, not six months, as written. This is mainly for a small speeding. And only one penalty for the substantial increase — more than 40 km/h. Nothing good, of course, in the violations there,” he said.

Turning to recent, high-profile accidents involving actor Mikhail Yefremov, Shkumatov was reminded that the jeep itself Ephraim is almost not affected, while domestic car, which drove the deceased Sergey Zakharov, the impact “crushed like foil”. He called for a review of the standards of certification, allowing to operate such unsafe cars. According to Shkumatov, in the last 20 years, the number of casualties in traffic accidents in the country decreased almost twice — solely due to retirement from the fleet of the most fragile cars such as the VAZ-2106-09.

“Need to install “bumpers”, to dramatically tighten the requirements for passive safety of vehicles, to prohibit the operation unsafe, perhaps making some compensation programs for their owners,” said Peter Shkumatov. He said that on the New Arbat and Kutuzovsky prospect, where the “bump stops” there, the number of victims is several times higher (and wounded — dozens of times) than parallel to them Zvenigorodskoe highway and the prospectus of Marshal Zhukov, where the delimiters are. Shkumatov also noticed that in Moscow is still more than 600 cars with “flashers”.

well-Known radiopresenter Sergey Stillavin called to get rid of the unregulated pedestrian crossings on wide roads at 4-5 bars, and also to temper the “arbitrariness” road repairmen. These professionals sometimes permanently cover the strip and leave it to stand their equipment, not having proper signs in the distance. Chief editor of the magazine “Behind the wheel” Peter Lesser has offered to create a database of violators with the accumulation of penalty points — and most importantly, to invite to Russia foreign specialists in road infrastructure.

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