The sociologist explained why the introduction of a progressive scale of taxation is an emotional, not a rational step

Economists still argue about the effectiveness of a progressive tax scale for Russia but for ordinary people it is more understandable. That is why the proposal of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to increase the tax from 13% to 15% for those who receive more than 5 million rubles a year, is a response to the request of “the Rich should pay more!”. Such opinion to the correspondent of “Rosbalt” was expressed by the sociologist Maria Mackiewicz.

“the Transition to progressive taxation is a response to a query on justice that existed in society. That is, it is not so much about revenue in the budget — as far as we can judge, it is not too significant, but to those who make more, pay more. Economists have many reasons why to do that was not necessary, but people do not always understand the rational arguments, which stand for flat school. What is now proposed by the President, it sounds convincing,” said the sociologist.

Matskevich also drew attention to the fact that paying more will be those who conventionally gets 10 times more than the average citizen.

“More will pay those who are a month receive more than 400 thousand rubles. Given that we recently heard about the average salary in Russia in 47 thousand, we will not discuss the adequacy of such statements, we see that these numbers relate to each other”, — said the sociologist.

Matskevich Also noted that the President was drawn to the different groups of the population that is typical for the keynote address. So, the announcement that in the IT-industry will reduce premiums from 14% to 7.6% and profit tax from 20% to 3% was obviously aimed at a younger audience.

“Usually we have seen that the government supports traditional industry, large enterprises — many economists have criticized this approach, calling it Soviet. But now we hear about supportthe IT industry, and not under special treatment for the industry, and in a speech directed to all citizens. It’s closer to a young audience,” she added.

23 June, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has addressed with the appeal to the Russians, in which it announced new measures to support: the extension of payments to doctors in June and July, extending benefits for children in July and others.

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