The son of a billionaire Neklyudova, with friends Mercedes

In Khabarovsk the son of a billionaire Denis Nekludov participating in resonance the conflict on the route of the protesters on July 27, received 5 days of arrest.

As reported DVHAB.RU Central district court punished Neklyudova for swearing in a public place.

we will Remind that on Monday the protesters have traditionally walked down the roadway of streets Muraveva-Amur. Most drivers respect the protesters and trying to prevent the procession, but the driver of the black Mercedes began to give way and tried through the crowd to go “home street”. He didn’t want to wait or to go around March. In the end, you started arguing. Motorist cussed, and the passenger showed the protesters the middle finger. He also resented the anti-Kremlin slogans of the participants. In the end, Mercedes still drove, and the protesters moved on.

the Case was widely discussed in social networks, but really resonant was once the owner of the truck with the poster, nicknamed townspeople “Fullmobile”, was arrested for 8 days. Citizens after the decision outside the court was admonishing the police that a billionaire’s son for his behavior were not punished.