Yesterday, Variety has reported that Netflix was close to reaching an agreement with Pathé International to get the Song of The wolf , Antonin Baudry, who comes out in theaters on February 20. The firm is in the process of negotiating for a “pre-buy” the feature-length film that incorporates the catalogues of north american, Latin american, Spanish, scandinavian and of course French. In contrast, the giant of the streaming will have to confront the chronology of the French media, which wants that a film won’t be released online, 36 months after its cinema release.

For the rest of the world, our colleagues report that the production company has also “pre-sold” the film to international distributors, which will broadcast in cinemas. This will be the case, among others, Germany, Japan, the Middle East or even Hong Kong.

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This pre-sale has nothing wrong with it. In fact, Variety reminds us that this will not be the first time that the giant of the streaming gets the rights anticipated for a French film. The event remains, however unlikely, the reason being that the French television networks restrict often the rights of broadcasts.

A step forward?

At a time when Netflix, and the Festival de Cannes cannot come to an agreement regarding the integration of films from its catalog to the prestigious competition, this pre-purchase could probably be a sort of “step forward”. The giant of the streaming might as well want to show that he is not angry with France. This is not self-evident. In early February the tension was palpable between the Cannes film Festival and the VOD platform. According to RTL,Thierry Frémaux would be willing to reconsider its positions regarding the representation of the platforms of streaming on the Croisette: the award-winning films will first be screened in cinemas, before being streamed online.

the Song of The wolf , Antonin Baudruy, with Omar Sy, Mathieu Kassovitz, François Civil and Reda Kateb, February 20, at the cinema.

the Song of The wolf, the mysterious thriller from the author of the Quai d’orsay – Watching on Figaro Live