The speaker of Moscow city Council earned in the year 2019 almost 2 billion rubles

the Moscow city Duma Chairman Alexei Shaposhnikov for 2019, reported income of 1.9 billion rubles. It is 79 times more than the year before. The remaining 44 Metropolitan Deputy total earned nearly five times less.

As follows from the Declaration on the website of the Moscow city Duma, the property Shaposhnikova there is a flat area 269,5 square metres, mashino-a place to 18.7 square meters, the Mercedes-Benz E-350 and cottage area 277,7 square meters loaner.

In 2018, he declared, 24.4 million rubles. The list of property Shaposhnikov for the year has not changed.

according to TASS, Shaposhnikov said that the growth of income associated with the sale of the securities.

Shaposhnikov holds the position of speaker of the Moscow city Duma in 2014, the fall of 2019 he was re-elected to this position.

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